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RISE Center promotes the full inclusion, equal opportunity, and participation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of community life.

People with disabilities have the right and ability to make choices affecting their lives, the right to take risks, the right to fail, and the right to succeed.

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RISE provides consumers with information and assistance to access support service systems. In addition, RISE promotes public policies that protect consumer rights, promotes independence, and respects consumer choice.

Our services are provided—at no cost—to persons residing in Jefferson, Orange, or Hardin counties, self-identifying as a person with a disability.

A determination is made by RISE Center to make sure our services will contribute to a person’s successful independent living.

Peer Support

RISE offers a support structure to people with disabilities by people with disabilities. Peers provide information, share their personal experience, listen, encourage, and help others solve problems.

Independent Living Skills Training

Our Independent Living Specialists help consumers learn what is needed to live more independently. Consumers learn new ways to take control over their lives through skill development and increased knowledge.

Information & Referral

The staff at RISE offers information and referral over the telephone or by appointment to people with disabilities, family members, businesses, professionals and the general public.

Relocation/Transition Services

Our Center facilitates transition from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community based residences.

RISE also provides assistance to those at risk of entering institutions.

Additionally, we work with parents, schools, and students to help smoothly facilitate transition of youth to post-secondary life.

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