Do You Have Transportation Issues or Concerns? Good News!

Do you have transportation issues or concerns? Good News! Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission wants to hear from you! …and thus, have set up four accessible locations throughout the Golden Triangle in which the public can comment. Times, locations, and contact information are provided in the enclosed image. Should the image not be accessible, please call our office for more information at 409-832-2599. Hope to see you there!


Accessible Voting

RISE Center is extremely fortunate to have the Jefferson County Voter Registrar’s Office in attendance in our center today. They spoke to us about Voter Accessibility and the MANY options that are available to consumers that have disabilities. These Voter Accessibility options include:

(Consumers served by Hardin and Orange counties will be met with the same available options as well. You can call Hardin County Voter Registration Office at 409-246-5185 or the Orange County Office at 409-882-7973)


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  1. Disable Access Units (DAU) are wider at the base and allow for easier wheelchair accessibility.
  2. DAU’s have audio capability that allows a voter to listen to the instructions for voting and the ballot information to aide in making the voters selections.
  3. The buttons have braille to assist our visually impaired voters.

Voter Assistants

  1. Voters may use voter assistants to assist them in the voting process, by law; the voter assistant may not DIRECT the voter on how to vote, but may assist in the process of voting after signing the oath of assistance.
  2. A voter assistant may not be the voter’s employer, an agent of the voter’s employer, or an officer or agent of a labor union to which the voter belongs.
  3. ALL poll workers sign the oath of assistance and may assist a voter in the voting process if the voter asks.

Curbside Voting

  1. Curbside voting [sic] is a means in which the voter does not physically have to enter the polling place to participate in the voting process.
  2. The voter may have an assistant that goes into the polling place with the voter’s valid form of photo ID and checks the voter in. The poll workers will then bring the voting equipment to the vehicle, at the curb, so the voter can cast their ballot.
  3. Call the Jefferson County Voter Registration office at 409-835-8760 prior to curbside voting, for tips in expediting the process.

Voting by mail

  1. Any voter over the age of 65, or a voter with a disability is entitled to vote by mail (as well as [sic] voters expected to be out of the County during voting)
  2. Contact the Jefferson County Voter Registration Office for an Application for Ballot By Mail to ensure you receive your ballot.
  3. Voters over the age of 65, or voters with a disability qualify for an Annual Application which entitles them to a ballot for every election the County conducts in that calendar year.

Voting Tips

  1. Call the Jefferson County Voter Registrar’s Office at 409-835-8760 to inquire about long lines prior to arriving at a polling location.
  2. Jefferson County has Vote Centers, so ANY registered voter can cast their ballot at ANY of the 40 polling locations on Election Day (just like during EARLY VOTING).
  3. Visit the Jefferson County Voter Registration Website for important election information and calendars at

(Information courtesy of the Jefferson County Registrar’s Office)