Gardening & Sustainability

RISE Center recently partnered with a local non-profit, The Giving Field to help provide education to our consumers concerning gardening and sustainability.

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In case you aren’t aware of just what The Giving Field is, it is a donation garden with a mission of feeding the hungry fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as, provide education on living a healthier and more sustainable life through the garden.  All of the harvested food goes to the area soup kitchens to feed the hungry.

The garden grows a multitude of items, and the crops change depending on season. There are ground beds, beds in troughs (raised beds), and even higher a higher bed that is on a type of table.

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Meet Romeo. He’s the man of the house. 🙂


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The Giving Field has volunteer work hours. Volunteer work hours are Monday and Wednesday from 4 – 6 pm and every 2nd Saturday of the month – weather permitting. It is accessible to any and everyone. If you don’t ever find your way out there. You sure are missing out!