RISE offers alternative format services to businesses, restaurants, and other agencies to convert the printed materials used by them into a form usable by individuals with particular disabilities. These services may include translating material into Braille, large-print and audiotape mediums.


RISE offers a computer lab with current technology which allows people with limits in vision, speech, movement, hearing, or learning to learn independent living skills, write a resume, advocacy, or just become more comfortable operating a computer. Consumers can make an appointment to learn how to use specialized input and output devices.


Through a high-speed internet connection, deaf individuals using a computer place VRS calls that are routed to a VRS interpreting center. The caller is connected to an interpreter, fluent in ASL and English, who appears on the device. The deaf caller signs to the interpreter, who then calls the hearing user via a standard phone line and relays the conversation between the two parties.