The RISE Team

RISE Center is governed and operated by a majority of persons with disabilities. The staff at RISE are professionals and knowledgeable about the available services, skills and advocacy needed to support and promote independent living. If you would like more information about RISE or if you would like us to visit with you or your organization please contact us by calling (409) 832-2599 v/tty or send an email to one of our staff.

Meet the RISE Center Team:


James “Jim” Brocato, BA, MAHS

Executive Director

409-832-2599 Ext. 113



Melissa McNeely

Program Director

409-832-2599 Ext. 107



Stacy Jackson

Independent Living Specialist

409-832-2599 Ext. 110



Amy Eckerle

Relocation Services Specialist

409-832-2599 Ext. 103



Kellie Barfield

Relocation Services Specialist

409-832-2599 Ext. 105