Join Us in Our Fundraising and Enjoy a New Bag!


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Help us raise funds for a great cause. Supporting our fundraiser helps our cause AND helps the planet! Shop online for eco-friendly products like reusable bags and we earn 40% profit! 

Why Go Reusable?

  • The average American family takes home almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year – this is bad news for our oceans, wildlife and more.
  • A Mixed Bag Designs reusable bag’s lifespan is worth 700 plastic bags!
  • NOW IS THE TIME to spread the news about why everyone should “go green.” More & more cities are starting to BAN plastic bags, so it’s time to stock up on reusable bags!

How to Support Our Fundraiser:

  • Shop and support us at
  • You can also add a seller referral at the top of the site or at checkout to credit them with your purchase.


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RISE Center for Independent Living